Saturday, August 13, 2011

July Good Times

Felix and I did an overniter on the AT. I didnt get in as many miles as planned but the it was still a good shakedown on my gear. We got rained on twice. View of Watagua Lake from the AT:

My water source. Nice cool and fresh: Noel and her chopper:
Swimming at Radio Island
Bike ride. I parked at Wilson Creek and rode up Craig Creek Rd, Chestnut Mtn to Raidercamp onto South Harper Creek, Harper Creek and back out to Wilson Creek:

 New Shoes:

Two runs on the Green:
Johnny Calhoun:Nye:Doug:Next up was a hike along the Black Mtn Crest Trail, down Big Tom Gap Trail to Buncombe Horse Range to Commisary Ridge then back up the Mt Mitchell Trail for a great loop.Felix eating lunch at one of my favorite spots, just above the landslide:The rain clouds were moving in fast but they also moved out fast. It was a good day.

We found a little cave to get out of the rain in for a few minutes:
Sweet Memories