Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tuesday April 3rd: Two Stellar Afterwork Runs on the Watagua at a great level. Thursday April 5th: Not so lucky

After work on Tuesday I drove to the Watagua take out and met Layla at about 4:35. We paddled one quick but not rushed run and met up with Takeout Dave and Johnny Calhoun for a second run. JC made it at to the top of the takeout road at 6:50 and we were parked next to Hwy 321 waiting for him to save the few minutes it would take him to drive down the take out road. We were tight on time but managed to have an awesome second run as well. It rained a good portion of the first run and most of the 2nd run. The level felt about 320, which is one of my favorite levels on one of my favorite runs.

On Thursday I hoped to follow the same general outline of Tuesday and start my vacation: 11 days for spring break. An e-mail received 10 minutes before I left work delayed all plans until I could address the issue at hand. I got a text and shortly after a phone call from Layla saying she was not going to be able to make it due to inclement weather. At that point I relayed that I would not likely make it either due to the issue at hand. A few rushed meetings/conference calls did allow me to get out of work. It was about an hour later than planned but I thought I could still make it for the planned meeting time for the planned 2nd run. It poured as I drove up hwy 181 and the rain got even heavier as I got closer to Avery county/Newland. JC called and said the Doppler showed a lot of precipitation. There was a weather advisory going off on the radio, and all the creeks close to Newland were bankfull. Of course I suggested the Doe to both Johnny Calhoun and Take out Dave but no one was interested in that. I decided to turn around and check out Gragg/Wilson Creek. Unfortunately the creek below the Roseboro Rd golf course did not look promsing and I didnt have to drive far down Roseboro Rd to see there was not much water in the ditches. I turned around again, drove back down Hwy 181 and onto Wilson Creek which never got higher than -7 in the hour I waited for it to come up. Skunked! Feast or famine