Saturday, August 10, 2013

7/18/13 Wilson Creek, the day before I dislocated my shoulder... It was a good day & great run.

I've procrastinated putting pics up plenty of times but I think this time I actually dreaded posting the last kayaking shots I took before I hurt my shoulder. There is a finality associated with posting the last pictures I took in which I was involved with white water kayaking. It can be pretty depressing knowing that I cant kayak right now and not knowing how my shoulder is going to react to the dynamic conditions that whitewater paddling inflict, but I am focused on doing everything I can to "get it back". My goal is to be strong enough to take the Remix to the Gauley, first and second weekends. I know I wont be ready to full on play boat by then but hopefully I'll be good to "River Run" one of my favorite rivers with some of my best friends!
It was a great run. Started out with just Gaston and myself but then Brian Hill and Mike Farraro caught up to us before Triple Drop. I actually hit MFs new line at Triple Drop. Not as pretty as I would have liked but all good and very fun. I could not have asked for a better run just wish I had done more than one.

Gaston grinding it over Maytag! Oh YEAH!!

 Screaming Right Turn above and Eye-Lid Peeler below

Brian Hill in Screaming Right Turn

Michael in the little eddy above Eye Lid Peeler