Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tanawha Trail right off the parkway.

The Tanawha Trail starts out just off the Blue Ridge Parkway at the Beacon Heights trail head, mile post 305.2, parallels the parkway for a lot of its course and ends near Julian Price Park. The entire trail is almost 14 miles long and it has several trails intersecting it. I haven't been on all of it yet but I've managed to hike the sections around the viaduct, Beacon Heights area, Wilson Creek headwaters area, Rough Ridge area and the section close to the Daniel Boone Scout Trail leading up towards Grandfather. I would have to say I enjoyed the Daniel Boone Scout Trail, Beacon Heights and the Rough Ridge most as far as views and being out of earshot of the Parkway but the Tanawha Trail is a great one for getting in some mileage fast. Another stumbling block is that I was denied twice because Felix was with me. They don't allow "Man's Best Friend" up around Rough Ridge and I have found the sign on both ends. I still plan on hiking the section around Price Park since I've never done anything in that area. I'll probably wait til winter when the crowds will be minimal.