Saturday, October 25, 2014

10/24/14 Afterwork Kitsuma with Johnny Calhoun. Shakedown Ride after having Luna Cycles install a new drive train on the Superlight.

 New cassette, Crank/bottom bracket, chain, back wheel and cables. This was my shakedown ride after Luna Cycles in Lenoir got my bike hooked up. Everything was shifting well and I was extremely happy with the job performed but had a technical right before the park at the bottom of the single track. My front derailleur cable had come loose and I could not shift out of the small ring on the crank. No biggie, JC had a allen wrench set (left mine in my road bike seat pouch-not where I needed it today) and we made the necessary adjustments to get me back up Old 70 with no further issues. Back to Lenoir for a little fine tuning today - great guys, I am sure that they will not let me down. Other than the allen screw coming loose (these things happen - it is MTBing afterall), a GREAT job by Luna Cycles.