Sunday, September 27, 2015

9/17, 9/18, 9/19, 9/23 and 9/24/15 Mountain Biking Like it's Going Outta Style

 Thursday, 9/17 Chris and I parked at Wilson Creek, rode up Craig Creek to Raidercamp aka Autobhan of Wilson Creek, onto South Fork Harper, Harper and back out to Wilson Creek. The shaky shot above caught the action before a pretty epic crash. Some scrapes and bruises but his bike was still good to go.
 The low light resulted in not so great action shots but at least we tried...

 I had a weak moment on Friday, 9/18. I left work and rushed to my "new" personal favorite Asheville bike shop, Carolina Fatz (they sell Santa Cruz bicycles and I have found out that the owner has a connection to my employer Continental Automotive - look forward to asking him about that when I take it back for the first tune up). I finally decided it was time for me to get a new bike. My last MTB was bought in 2007, actually I think it was the 2nd blog post I made here! I feel a little guilty that I didnt get a bike from Jeff at Luna Cycles in Lenoir since they have treated me so well but I was set on the new 29" Santa Cruz Superlight and LC do not represent SC. They will have my road bike business when I am ready to upgrade the drive train.
 On my first ride on the new bike (same day I bought it) I spotted this guy. Was very cool to be able to get some pictures. Usually they are moving way too fast to get the camera out and snap pics but this one was just moseying through the woods and I was stopped adjusting my bar ends and looking for some riding glasses I had lost there a few months ago.

One great thing about Carolina Fatz is they provide free tune-ups for the life of the bike. I was promised that when I bought my 26" Superlight in 2007 but they lied and left me high and dry after less than a year. I dont do much business with them at all any more. Shame too since it is the most local bike shop to where I live but they are only open on Saturdays now. Oh well, live and learn. Sometimes you have to drive out of town to get the most reliable service.

 On my way to the Big O I stumbled on this corn field in the middle of the woods. Forest Service is feeding the bears and deer. I scared something away. Heard it but didnt see whether it was a bear or a deer. The Big O is in need of some love. I need to get back out there with some tools.

 9/19/15, time to take the new bike to Heartbreak.

The Superlight performed great on the Heartbreak downhill. It was over way too fast!

I didnt bring the camera for my after work rides on Wednesday 9/23 and Thursday 9/24. On Wednesday I rode up and back out for about 2 hours on Lower Wilson Ridge. It was grassy but there was a line all the way through and I had a blast. On Thursday I showed Gerhard down Headquarters Mountain up Hwy 181. Great Times - this MTBing thing in addictive!