Sunday, February 21, 2016

2/14/16 Coldest Ride this year at Warrior Creek

 Love this trail but it was a really chilly day. I decided to find the parking near the Pump Track and it was right where I thought it would be from studying my Gazetteer. I started out the ride going in the wrong direction again but I rolled with it for a while to warm up and turned around for a nice 4  mile warm-up then I rode the entire loop only stopping to pull leaves out of my drive train. My feet got so cold that they were numb after I did the loop.
 I warmed my feet up after the first 17 mile ride and then played around on the frozen Pump Track and rode a few miles more but it was starting to snow pretty good so I packed it up fast and got out of there. I saw about 5 people rolling in on their bikes as I left. Guess I wasn't the only one out riding in the low/mid 20s.