Monday, July 4, 2016

6/11/2016 We took a road trip to Heidelberg which turned out to be one of our favorite weekend day trips

 We actually found a part of the castle where there were no other people. Fun place to scramble up.

 There were a few different weddings going on the day we visited.

 Starla and I think there were sorority and fraternity activities going on in the city. The young ladies above had us playing some roles and there were a bunch of guys that were also getting people involved. We enjoyed the College Town / Tourist City vibe.

 Starla signing the Frat Guy's T-shirt.

 After crossing the bridge we found a very impressive walk way up the mountain.

 She was a Trooper! It was a long walking day but Starla stuck with it.

 It was good to see someone MTBing up the mountain. I saw one very interesting trail-head near the top.