Friday, October 1, 2010

September Outings - Paul, Rest In Peace Bro

Paul:This post was originally a summary of some of my September outings but now I want to update it to add some pictures of Paul and an explanation. I met Paul through Brad Helton. They both lived in Charlotte and the plan was for them to pick me up in Glen Alpine on a Friday late in September for a weekend of Ocoee playboating. Paul and I had a few cool beverages and did a lot of talking while Brad drove us the 3 hours to the campground. Over the weekend we had some good times and got to know each other. I was looking forward to taking him down Wilson Creek / Watagua eventually, he had the skills but had never run either. Unfortunately I'll never have the opportunity to turn him onto those jems. I am sorry to report that during late November, Paul had a brain aneurism and did not survive. I am lucky to have gotten to meet Paul, road trip, camp, paddle, and party together. I didnt know Paul for long but it was long enough to find out he was a great guy and the life of the party. Paul I know your up there getting your boof on with the angels. RIP brother.
Paul playing in Flipper
Early September:
Afterwork Raidercamp / Harper Creek with Chris: Upper Gauley, first Weekend release, Johnny Calhoun and JW:
Judd pickin' & grinnin' by the camp fire.
Next up was a Mountain Biking weekend with Buddy and Tim. Saturday around the parkway and Sunday out in Wilson Creek area:
I got to see the Glen Alpine buffalo herd on my way to Curtis Creek Saturday morning. This is no joke, there is a little herd in Glen Alpine.
Snacking on Heartbreak Ridge:
Sunday with Table Rock in the background.
The Riders Resort campground near the Ocoee, camping with Paul and Brad:
The Flume / landslide:
An incredible sunrise from The Riders Resort:
Brad surfin' it up in Flipper:Brad and Paul drying their gear after a rainy evening:We miss you Paul.