Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tuesday, 2/22 I managed to get back on Little Fork and part of Upper God's Country

Stopped at the end of Ripshin / start of Hedleys for a view of Grandfather Mtn.
The double track entrance with Table Rock in the background.
I had not been on Little Fork in a few years but had gotten information around Christmas from 2 reliable sources that it was in good shape. I spent about 25 minutes of the ride way picking up limbs but I am glad to say it is good to go for awhile. Still a lot of leaves in some of the steep sections but otherwise the trail was in good shape.
A Little Fork switch back
A few easy to manage creek crossings.
The section of Upper God's country I rode was also in good shape, just needed some branches picked up. Since the sun was getting low, I just rode down to the creek and turned around and climbed back out. Some guys at the dirt mounds said it was hit hard by an ice storm last year. I'll check out the rest of is soonAmos' Epics