Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3/25 & 3/26: Finally getting out on the Watagua with 300+ CFS. Good to be paddling with some old friends I had not seen in a long time.

Awesome weekend of paddling. Green River Narrows with high water Saturday then Watagua at a nice level both Sunday and Monday. The best thing about the Watagua runs on Sunday was that it was on the rise and the second run was about 2 inches higher than the first run. There is something about paddling a river on the rise that gets your motor revving higher. The pulse of the river affects the pulse of the paddler. None of the 3 runs I did Sunday and Monday could be considered high but exciting none the less since most of my Watagua runs in the last few months have been in the 200 to 275 cfs levels.
Low Dawg Mike hand paddlin' the boof
Garrett getting his boof on in the speed racer

Dennis Huntley on Monday. How can any paddler not be inspired by Dennis, 60 something and still going strong, paddling anything he wants to paddle.
It was good to paddle with Dan, it had been too long.

Dave Simpson making the boof look easy in the EZ!

Bobby Bouche' is back in bidness!

John back in action after shoulder surgery.

Dave Simpson catching one of the best eddys on the river. Vernon's Folley.

Will in his race boat

Bobby Bouche'

It was another crazy weather day. Rainy and overcast at the Watagua and bright and sunny at the Brown Mountain overlook. The view of Brown Mountain was ominous. Unfortunately the apple tree below had been knocked down or blown over. It was a good producer too.
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