Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bobby Bouche' is back in Action on the Watagua and the Green. Bobby was paddling it up in the Hefe Grande! Good to get back out with him on the splashy wet stuff.

Brooks right at the lip of the drop

Bobby B gave me a call Friday morning to see if I was going to paddle. I checked the gages and sure enough, Watagua county had been hit with some rain and the Watags had spiked to 500 cfs. Friday afternoon, I managed to make it up to the high country/Watagua for an afterwork run, race back to Glen Alpine, meet up with the Southern Culture on the Skids MoTown fan base (Hans, JJ, and Danny) to make it to a SCOTS show at the Grey Eagle in Asheville. It was a good show with good company. We ran into Dave, Edie, and Julie Stitt at the show. It was good to see them, it had been too long. The SCOTS were rockin' as a 3 piece this time, no 2nd guitar. I personally prefer their 3 piece line up, Rick is plenty good enuf to carry the GuitFiddle duties all by himself. I drank maybe one too many and had a little hangover on Saturday but the cool water helped me get over that fast enough. I met up with Bobby and Low Water Mike for the Watagua run on Friday then Saturday morning met up with Steven Hughes, Mike Toth, Dan Cook and Christine Bouch and we ran shuttle together. Chris Roberts, Bobby Bouche', and Brooks caught up with us at the putin and we paddled down with them. 

Chris with an awesome line at Gorilla

Toth and Steven with some sweet seal launches

Bobby Bouche'
Getting the crunch on in the Stomper, Go Steven!
Below is the only shot I have from the Watagua on Friday:
Bobby Bouche dropping into TN