Sunday, May 20, 2012

Friday 5/18/12: Three Afterwork Runs on Wilson Creek at 6". 5/19/12: Saturday, 2 Runs on the Watagua at about 250cfs - no takers for 3 but good time anyway.

I hooked up with Will, his girlfriend, and Adam all from Boone/App/guides from the Nolichuky for 3 runs at 6" and when we left it was about 4.5". A great level. The Eye Peeler wave at the bottom of Screaming Right Turn was full on. Big, fast, and fun, worthy of the name.
No pictures from Wilson Creek on Friday but I did get these on Saturday on Watagua. I might start adding a "Quote of the Day" when there is a worthy one. There were two worthy of mentioning. The first was "Wilson Creek at High Water is easy, it washes out and there are no keeper holes" I had to call BS on that one. The second was "you'll get there"  that one was directed towards my boating abilities when I opted not to run a specific line one of the other guys did. I did run it on the 2nd run, so I guess I made it "there". Too funny! Good Times and Good Lines: