Sunday, February 1, 2015

One word to describe Warrior Creek Mountain Biking trails in Wilkes County: FUN

Big Soul-O ride at Wilkes Counties best. I started the ride at 8 am, and it was about 35 degrees Fahrenheit and it was 50 degrees when I returned at High Noon. I parked at the Blood Creek Overlook parking lot. From there it is a short road ride into the State Park. I was undecided which direction to go at the loop so I went right for about a mile and turned around, then I went left for about 4.5 miles and turned around after getting to a sweet rock garden from the wrong direction, finally I figured out the direction the trail flowed best in and ending up firing up about 22 miles of trail and pavement. That makes about 62 miles in two days.

The Berms are Awesome!