Sunday, June 28, 2015

6/21/15 Hwy 181 MTB Ride, It Had Been Too Long

I used to ride up 181 and back down various single track once or twice a week but have not ridden the trails paralleling 181 frequently in a few years. It was time to get out there and ride some of these trails. Hopefully the start of getting out there on a regular basis again.
I had my new Conti MTB tires and didnt want to wear the nice new tread down on the pavement so I rode along the edge of the road in the grass or dirt which made the uphill a lot harder. A Road Bike rider passed me and I explained why I was making it hard on myself. He gave me some very positive encouragement which made me feel like I was accomplishing something. 
Not sure how many miles I got in that day but I parked at "Shady Point" rode up the side of 184 to the Upper Creek parking lot. Hit the single track to the right of the parking lot and rode the twisty turny little used single track I call "Rock and Roll" for all the big rocks with the lichen all over it and rolling character of the almost overlapping single track. Then I dropped down to 181 and crossed over to the single track that drops out behind the old Barkhouse, climbed back up to 181, crossed and rode Ripshin Ridge. When I came back out to 181, I climbed up and crossed over to the Little Fork trail head. Little Fork was a little overgrown but still good to go. Just as fun as ever!
The climb out was brutal. I had started the ride out with the coolness of the morning but by the time I climbed back up from Steels Creek it was hot - heat wave hot. I was glad to be back at the van after an awesome day of riding.

My first time seeing this log crossing but after looking at it for a few minutes I managed to ride it on the first try. I was satisfied with my success and didnt go for a second attempt.

Some black berries provided a little nourishment for the ride up out of Steels Creek,