Saturday, June 13, 2015

June 13 New Continental X King MTB Tires Needed a Good Test Ride and they lived up to my expectations

Sweet new Tires. The trail was not really wet but it was moist in some places. It had rained recently but probably just an afternoon shower. The X Kings gripped nicely and only slipped a couple of times on some wet slick rock but I was able to react appropriately and had no wipe outs..

I parked in the shade between the bridge gage and Campground. Rode Little Spike, up and down. Onto Craig Creek Rd., right at the pass, up to Raidercamp, South Harper Creek overlook, wet foot crossing on Harper Creek and back out of the wilderness for some dirt road rolling back to the van. It got hot before I finished.

I can never find a matching pair of MTB socks that are not worn out. At least they are from the same company!