Saturday, October 3, 2015

10/01 &10/02/15 Wilson Creek

A single run with SH at a great juicy level. I had a great run with only one flip at Boat Buster. Luckily Dennis Huntley was on the side of the creek to protograph and preserve my flip. Even more lucky for me was that Dennis posted it on Facebook to share my "Beaterism" with everyone, Ha ha!

10/02/15 Back for more. Lower level but still a great level. I got to the creek early in the day, a vacation day and started running laps. My first one and a half runs were Soul=O then I was able to catch up with two guys from Asheville and join them. Chris Mriscin and Kevin Sondey were nice enough to let me paddle along with them. Kevin had to get to work at the brewery after 2 runs but Chris hung out with me for a couple of runs. Chris helped me set shuttle for my last run which I had planned as  Soul-O but luckily I ran into David Benner at the put-in. Another fortunate meeting at the creek!

On my last (5th) run of the day I got to paddle with David Benner, co-author along with his dad of Carolina Whitewater. Always great to see this guy on the creek. I bought my first copy of that book almost 20 years ago!
Recently I've been trying to figure out what year I first visited Wilson Creek from where I leved at the time: Dunn, NC. I was in my first kayak, a Perception Dancer and "got my ass handed to me"! Two friends from Dunn went on the camping trip with me and we brought an inflatable duckie I had bought from my neighbor which Billy and John took turns running rapids in. I stall havent figured out the exact date but I am sure it was around 20 years ago. I found out about Wilson Creek from the DeLorme North Carolina Atlas & Gazetteer outdoor Adventures Paddling section. They give a 3 sentence summary of the runs and Wilson Creek didnt sound a lot harder than the Nantahala Gorge which I had paddled with moderate success. I was soon schooled and went back to Dunn determined to learn a combat eskimo roll. All those trips to the Roll Clinic in Raleigh paid off! After that first Wilson Creek trip I also learned to research runs better. The value of a good guide book cannot be underestimated.

He always make the C1 look so smooth!