Saturday, October 17, 2015

After the Water Dropped Out I Started Getting Back Out on the New Superlight

On 10/08 I headed up to park at Upper Creek and do a ride. I started by riding up the Big Spike aka Chestnut Mountain then back down. 
After The Big Spike I should have done Bee Hive since I was right there but instead I attempted to go ride Sinkhole. I made it to the single track and even rode up it to the peak but got to the top too late and had to ride back down the road in the dark. All good though, it was great just to be outside and get a few pictures of the sun setting over Table Rock and Hawksbill.

 Next series of shots were DuPont State Forest with Wesley on Sunday, 10/11.
 The fall colors were going well in DuPont.

 Wesley's bike handling skills in action again. He has some jumping and fast down hill talent that I continue to be impressed and inspired by.

 The next shots are from an after work Kitsuma ride with Wesley Tuesday 10/13 evening.

 Above is the steepest section of Kitsuma that most people do not ride since they made a easy right turn off option. Wesley came through there faster than anyone I had ever seen. I cleaned it but picked my through slow and careful.