Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hiking the Hickory Branch and Lead Mine Trails 213 & 212

RIP Sandra and Rhonda. The Conti family lost 2 wonderful ladies to cancer last weekend. This hike was for them.
I found out about this hike in the Blue Ridge Outdoors September issue. The hike was listed in a subsecton of an article called "The Forgotten Peaks". I followed an orange blaze along, through and past a beautiful creek with some falls to a 3 way intersection then took a right onto the less beaten path and followed ribbons to the 2nd set of falls - different creek I'm pretty sure. I then back-tracked, climbing back up to the 3-way and took a right following a yellow blaze to a lot of ridge line climbing. Scramble hiking reminisent of Sitting Bear Mtn. I never made it to where Lead Mine meets Curtis Creek Rd but I think I was pretty close when I turned around. I'm sure I crossed over Buckeye Knob. Next time, Mackey Mountain.
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