Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wilson Creek at an exceptional level after getting skunked at both the Gragg Prong and at the North Fork of Harper Creek. Thats Creekin'.

I got up very early and noticed the levels were coming up and there had been a good bit of rain between midnight and dawn. I started making calls early, my first at around 7:30...
Steven was the first to call back and the only one willing to head over and start on the search for some water. Gaston had other obligations and I couldnt reach Johnny Calhoun. Mike and others outta town for the Russell Fork Rendezvous.
I figured if Wilson Creek was much over a foot, my usual fall back of hiking up and running Upper Creek then heading back to Wilson Creek for an afternoon run after it had dropped would be the best plan. Based on the rain gages I thought the Gragg Prong may have run around dawn but not much after. Grandfather Meadows had gotten pounded but it had stopped before we got to Wilson Creek.We checked on the Gragg Prong and North Harper but both were too low. Steven, Crankee, and Johnny Calhoun opted for something up towards the Watagua and ended up getting three runs on the Red Roof Section. I stayed and ran Wilson Creek.
I met three guys from Virgina who needed a guide and I needed a group. JP, and the two Phillips. Two of them had run it for the first time last weekend at around -6". We took our time, I showed them the lines, we took pics and video and overall had a good laid back juicy flow Wilson Creek run. I think a good time was had by all.
Ten Foot Falls, entrance:
The meat:Boat Buster:
Thunder Hole:JP in Triple Drop:
A little hole surfing, JP worked it out well:Some spectators at Triple Drop. I think that may have been Eddie:
That was Phillip in the OC1. He has one of the fastest OC rolls I've ever seen.
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