Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday: Two Runs on the Watagua then a jog up to the top of Hawksbill for some steller views

I called Mike Huggins and he was up for a couple of Watagua runs before he had to get to work so we met up there at 10:45. Some views from the Brown Mountain Overlook on my way up 181.
^ The gage when we got to the put in. It dropped about 3 inches between our first and second runs. The first run felt like about 400 cfs.
No pics on the first run. Mike and I just bombed it. We hooked up with Keith Sprinkle for shuttle on the second run. The shot above is Bill Clipper going "around the world" at Edge of the World.
^ Bill
^ Andy ^ Dave
^ Andy. Sorry I took the shot a little late.
^ Jonathan
^ Sprinkles
^ Bill
I had considered getting a run in at Wilson Creek but I had to go right by Ginger Cake Acres on the way home so...
From Gingercake Acres on my way out:
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