Friday, November 6, 2009

Moe rocks the house in Boone Thursday night then three shuttle rides that add up to about 20 miles on vacation day Friday.

The Moe show was at Legends on the campus in Boone. We had a positive show report from Brotha Man Bob High who had seen them in Raleighwood the previous night. They did not disappoint in Boone either. The crowd was not very big but the people that showed were totally getting into the music. I think I even saw the cop dancing. It was my first Moe show but I hope it wont be my last.
Friday morning Obie helped me take some parts off my NRS and out of my used parts bin to get the SupaLite back on the trail. We were riding Yellow Buck before noon. Thanks for the tics, pics, and good times OB!
Obie droppin' Yellow Buck for the first time:

We rode Yellow Buck first then onto Visitors Center and lastly we worked our way up 181 to Ginger Cake Acres and rode Raspberry out to 181 then down the hwy to Hedley's. We did a 5.1 mile ride, a 5.6 mile ride and a 9.2 mile ride for a total of 19.9 miles. Lots of down hill and good times.Our ride stats were pretty good. There was a fair share of hike a bike due mostly to Yellow Buck Total elevation gain was 3,703' while the total elevation loss was 7,338'! Total ride time was 3 hours 30 minutes. Shuttles were not bad at all. Amos' Epics