Sunday, January 17, 2010

Buffalo Creek then the Yadkin with Gaston and Layla

Not today.
Gaston had the excellent idea to head over to Buffalo Creek in the Yadkin headwaters. He had scouted it out on motorcycle rides. Layla and I were both eager to paddle a creek we had never been on; a new adventure and it is not very far away. I had read about the Yadkin in Benner's book, Carolina Whitewater but never run it before. The closest I had been to it was the Merlefest. From looking at the map in Benner's book, it looks like both runs are right on the Wilkes County and Caldwell County lines. While the Gazeteer shows the runs in Caldwell County. Either way it was some fun paddling.

Put in for Buffalo Creek.
Bamboo and lots of it:
Below Layla demonstrates the limbo move under the tree. We all used the limbo move several times throughout the day. There were alot of downed trees but we were able to work our way through, under or around most of them, only a couple had to be portaged. Yadkin:

This is Main Squeeze, the rapid I had a bow broach in the entrance. Thanks to Gaston I was able to step out of the kayak while he held it but it was tense for about a minute before he got to me.
Two very beautiful runs. I'm glad we did something different.
A nice waterfall Layla had discovered right off of hwy 321.
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