Saturday, January 16, 2010

The first ride in a month! I tried to pick a trail that wouldnt be too impassable due to the recent inclement weather. I manged to get in 23 miles of

It was a low water day but these guys were having fun.
Craig Creek Road climb:
When my bike still had a derailleur:
Single speed SupaLite:
I manged to get in 23 miles of gravel, dirt, snow, ice, mud, slush, leaves, a few trees and millions of branches. I was far from 100% successful but almost everything was ride able with the correct line choice and a 29er (too bad I didnt have one). I did spin my tires on the ice a couple of times and had to step off for a reposition. I also did the snake to an abrupt stop in the snow drifts a couple of times as well. It was well worth the more than usual amount of effort considering the views and uniqueness of the ride. I started at the Brown Mountain Campground and rode along Wilson Creek to Craig Creek Road. This is where the sloppy, icy forest service road started. At the pass I took a right and headed towards Chestnut Mountain. At the Bee Hive and Chestnut trail head I kept going towards Raidercamp. I headed down Raidercamp a lot slower than usual due to the conditions but it was still a blast. I had to go to South Fork of Harper Creek falls even though I had gotten a later than planned start. I was started riding around 12:30. After enjoying lunch at the falls overlook, I headed back to Raidercamp and made it through most of the erosion berms without any major incidents when my derailleur hanger broke off leaving my derailleur hanging loose. I was able to make it into a single speed by removing the derailleur, taping to cable and housing to the frame and removing some chain. I rode the last 6 or 7 miles in the middle ring up front and on the smallest cog in the back. I had to jump off and push on any significant climbs but there were few of those in those last miles.

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