Monday, January 18, 2010

Four Wilson Creek Runs on MLK Day @ 4"

Gaston and Layla at Triple Drop.
Layla took some shots at the Coin Slot on the first run
There was less sun light at Razor Back on the second run: Johnny Calhoun droppin' thru the slot
Gaston & Layla running Razor Back at the same time, two different lines.
We ran down to Screaming Right Turn on the last run and enjoyed the wave, it was in.
The gage was reading about 4 inches when I met up with Gaston and Layla at 11:00. I did two runs with them and Johnny Calhoun caught up to us on our second run. I got in a total of 4 runs. It was a good day of paddling. Two good paddling days in a row after a little over a month of no paddling.
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