Sunday, September 25, 2011

9/25 High Water Sunday. First a hike in solo run on Upper Creek then Wilson Creek at a healthy 10"

I woke up early and checked some rain gages. I was happily surprised at how much it had rained in all the right places. I got packed up and was at the Wilson Creek gage by 8:40. The Watagua was over 5,000 cfs. Wilson Creek was over 2'. I headed to Upper Creek.
 At Upper Creek I used the bridge as a gage as shown in the picture below; there was water.

 Roadside attraction has really changed.
 The trail gets tight in a few spots. This is one run you have to pay to play. Since I was solo and had plenty of time, I carried as far up as I could before the trail moves steeply away from the creek. I had only run it from this high up the creek 2 or 3 times before. This is a sweet section that moves away from the creek but you can actually see some of the rapids through the woods from the trail. It adds about 3 or 4 very nice drops from where I used to put in and at least a half mile more of river. One day I would like to start from Greentown, hiking around the big gorge.

Scary looking rapid. It went from a class 4 to a 5+ with sieves. Click on the pics to enlarge...
One of the nice drops on the Upper, a fun boof
One very beautiful little gorge
Another very fun drop on the Upper.
Wilson Creek gage at 3:15. I went back at around 6:00 and got a run at about 9" or 10".
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