Sunday, September 25, 2011

Paddling days, 3 runs at +7" to +5" on Wilson Creek on Tuesday and then the Green later in the week

There has finally been some rain and I even got to run Wilson Creek this month. I managed a Tuesday afterwork outing the day after Labor Day. It was +7" first run and I estimate +5" on the third run. We finished in the dark and the lower hike out was tough but the wave was sweet in the moonlight. Unfortunately no pics that evening. 
I did bring the camera for this Green run on 9/24. We had a little extra flow, it was about 7.5". Christine fired up Gorilla in the Green Boat. She had a good run at Go Left too. 
Unfortunately I was told on Monday that Christine dislocated her shoulder and broke her arm while running Gorilla on her second run. I hope her a speedy recovery. She is super tough and I am sure she will be back soon.

Johnny Calhoun getting the boof on

Amos' Epics