Sunday, March 29, 2015

3/28/15 Mountain Biking with Johnny Calhoun in the Wilson Creek Area then on 3/29/15 Newberry to Snooks Nose Hike.

We parked at Boat Buster on Wilson Creek and started riding on the Little Spike, aka Lower Wilson Ridge. It was in great condition and the steep section was totally clean up. The last time I had tried to ride that section as a down hill, it was littered with baby head size rocks and all kinds of sticks, leaves and other debris. Someone did some great trail work on it.

 Some guys were running their bear hounds while we were on the Little Spike. We helped them get some exercise going up and back down on the steepest section.

 From Little Spike, we made the long climb to the top of Chestnut Mountain. After that we rode The Big O. It was a great day with incredible weather. It was cool but perfect temperature for riding.

The next day I headed up to Newberry Creek for a hike up to Snooks Nose. I have always wanted to hike the connector trail between Newberry and Snooks Nose. I had been denied during a high water event one time but that was not a problem this time. It was a perfect weather day. I managed to hike it as a loop and only saw one group and they were at the peak on Snooks Nose. 

The trail followed the headwaters of Newberry Creek most of the way then it split away from the creek and finally T'ed into Snooks Nose. Amazing trail!

Some kind of a detention camp for kids. They were loud.
One of the kids asked when I started and after I replied, one of the "guards" stated "we dont tell them the time of day". I didnt hang around at the peak for long, it was too noisy.

Curtis Creek