Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve: Wilson Creek & Raidercamp, what a combo!

Mike "Huggie" Huggins called me this morning and asked if I wanted to meet him to paddle Wilson Creek. We hooked up with John at the takeout and the trip was on. I did one run with them and then got these shots of the guys taking off for their second run:
It was great time paddling with Mike and John but one run at -5" was enough boat abuse. I helped them set shuttle so that both of their cars were at the takeout and I drove up stream and parked at the concrete bridge. A half a meat sandwich and a entire energy drink later and I was climbing up Craig Creek Rd then I was climbing up towards Chestnut Mountain...
The birds were flying around:
My ride elevation graph:

This graph shows the elevation over time. The flats are where I took a break:
This was the point I was at Upper Harper Creek Falls:1 hour and 19 minutes, 8.57 miles:
My ride stats:
20.57 miles
8.2 miles ascent
7.4 miles descent
4.97 miles flat
4,909' gain
total time: 3:18
moving time: 2:27
stopped time: :50 min
calories burned:
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