Thursday, December 13, 2007


Big ride. Some of my favorite trails. I got an early start, almost early enough to be Josh style - but not quite. I was on the bike and climbing before 8:30.
Dist: 32.11 miles, 13.73 miles ascending, 12.13 miles descending, 5.79 miles flat
Total Time: 6:57; moving time: 4:56; stopped time: 2:09; 23 stops; 2:19 ascending, 1:45 descending
Avg. 4.4 mph
Climbed 9,260 feet!
6460 calories?
Lots of picturesThis one shows where I took breaks:Table Rock wasnt visible this morning:

This is one sweet section of trail:
Lots of hike a bike:
No one present was going to ride this one today but it is all good to go right below.
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