Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Figure Eight with a new toy

I got a great deal on a Garmin Edge 205 GPS.
The ride stats:
20.78 mile figure 8 loop (I rode 2.5 xtra miles on the forest service road to make it an even 20 miler)
5,623' of climbing (see the graph for elevation profile)
I burned 3525 calories (whatever)
3 hours and 9 minutes total, 2:49 moving, 20 minutes stopped
It was a little ominous looking when I started the ride.
It had really cleared up by the time I was climbing up to Sinkhole.
I finally rode the drop below again and made it. It wasnt pretty but I kept my feet on the pedals and rolled through it. I didnt make the steep down hill inspite of attempting it - the leaves were just too thick and I couldnt help but slide out sideways. The leaves definitely increase the difficulty of sinkhole.Amos' Epics