Saturday, December 8, 2007

Post # 101: Wilson Creek Wilderness tour

I parked at the bottom of Hedleys and started climbing up towards hwy 181 about 11:00. The highway was pretty busy, there were a lot of christmas tree purchases this morning. I dropped in at Greentown whcich was somewhat dissappointing due to the new extreme water breaks. I think I will give the water breaks some time to wear down before I return and I'll just go back to climbing the forest service rd towards Chestnut when I go for Raiders next time.
The climb up Chestnut was good to go - great temps and trail conditions. I stopped for a sandwich break at the little creek / overlook:What a great little spot to get a little tuned up after all that climbing.
Onto Raidercamp and the Upper Harper Creek Falls:It looked like it might rain at anytime when I was at the Upper Falls but I was lucky again and stayed dry.
These are some of the best trails around. I headed back to Raidercamp, rode the sweetest section with all those fun erosion ditches down to Harper Creek and then the steep uphill climb the main Harper Creek Falls
What an exciting way to get down to the bottom of the falls, not to mention getting back up.
After running out of daylight the last few times I had attempted to cap off rides with Sinkhole/Goat Trail, it was good to finally be up at the top of Sinkhole again:
What a great way to finish this ride. The "other" top of Sinkhole:
I didnt manage the steep downhill on Sinkhole (too many leaves covering the trail) and I didnt even come close to riding those 2 tech root drops at the end but i did manage the slippery slope. I shouldnt even mention my ugly attempt at the steep uphill! Next time...
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