Friday, June 26, 2009

Wednesday Afterwork Ride with Johnny Calhoun

It was hot but the heat and humidity was not nearly as bad as when I made this climb on Saturday. It is much more fun when you can breathe.
Looking back at the stuff we climbed up to make it to the parkway:
Above was the last time I saw Johnny. I stopped to get a shot of him riding by with the fire tower in the background. The fire tower is right at the top of the picture. It is barely visible in the photo above but you can see it pretty good from the parkway at this point. He shouted fire tower when he went by me and I assumed that he meant that was where he was going. I was wrong and never saw him again.

Distance: 13 miles
Total time: 2:59 Moving time: 2:27 Stopped time: 32 min
Start time: 5:32 Finish time: 8:32
Min elevation: 1,646' Max elevation: 4,769'

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