Friday, June 5, 2009

Vacation day Friday: Early Afternoon Watagua @ 375 cfs then Wilson Creek Soulo at +2.5"

I met up with Johnny Calhoun, Woody, Chris, and Frank at the Watagua around noon.
Woody sportin' the double six shooter helmet, click on the pic to enlarge and note the silhouette on the flags:Chris (Crankee) Roberts and Johnny Calhoun Blue Angeling the falls:
Post a great Watagua run and on my drive to Wilson creek, I loaded up on a Cheeseburger from the put in store. The old mgmt called it a Country Boy, now it is just "all the way", still one helluva sandwich:

3"; An excellent level at Wilson Creek ^. A most excellent SoulO run after a Watagua run. Thanks for the shuttle help Michael E. and congrats on Graduation.
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