Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Afternoon Wilson Creek a little below 0

I made two soulo runs and jogged my shuttle twice. There was a lot of "wildlife" on the creek today but very few boaters. I'm sure some of the groups enjoying the beaches and granite out there were celebrating the end of the school year - I actually got mooned by one of the more vivacious young ladies - crazy times at the creek. The entire time I was paddling or jogging my shuttle, the ony paddlers I saw was one group of Duckies at Razor Back on my first run and Knut and a couple of other guys taking off the creek after I ran shuttle for my second run. The weather and water temperature was great.
I waited for awhile at Triple Drop hoping to get a picture of someone running it but no one came through. It was a good day to just hang out on the rocks, eat a few snacks and chill out.Amos' not so Epic but so much fun...