Monday, June 29, 2009

A SoulO Ride of my favorite MTB trails in the Wilson Creek Area of Pisgah

My first creek crossing of the day:
Some nice waterfalls upstream of the creek crossing:

I am very thankful to who ever adopted this section of trail:

Some old growth forest.Something for everyone on this ride:
My second creek crossing:
Rhododendren is starting to bloom:

The only people at the falls were 2 guys up top and a small group in the big pool below the slide. I had the middle pool all to myself.Perfect place for a little swim to cool down:
Scopeing out the move:
He started sliding before he was ready but ended up ok.

Distance: 23 miles
Total time: 5:31 Moving time: 3:37 Stopped time: 1:54 # stops: 19
Min elevation: 1,364' Max elevation: 2,852'
Avg moving speed: 6.4mph
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