Sunday, June 11, 2017

Into Utah and then Onto Moab

These pictures are from day 1 in Moab. We exited I70 and headed south on 191. We tried to find a camping site at Ken's Lake Recreation Area but it was full or had a reservation slip posted at the empty campsites. We then headed up a Jeep trail (Flat Pass Road) accessed just past the Lake and Campground. 

 This Jeep Trail / dirt road was in exceptional shape and gave us some nice views of Ken's Lake in spite of the fog. There was snow on the way up here.

 After we got rejected by a sudden and heavy snow fall at the primitive site up on the pass, we headed back through Moab and got a tent site at a RV park. At $43 for a small tent site in the middle of the desert (just off hwy 191), it was pricey but at least it did not snow on us and the bathroom/shower rooms were clean and warm. The sun set was very nice that evening.