Sunday, June 11, 2017

On The Road, West Bound with the Hammer Down, First Stop Colorado

We drove day and night to get to one of my favorite states: Colorado. We stopped one time at a rest stop and got a couple hours of sleep just before sunrise then it was on the road again.
 Pics taken 5/16/17 and 5/17/17:
 On our first day in Colorado, Noel and I stopped for some pictures at Echo Lake. We had hoped to drive up to the top of Mount Evans but it was still closed due to snow. We searched for some primitive camping but the only allowed camping we found was full of tents, We kept heading west...

 Our 2nd hotel of the trip and the first  hotel in CO and second hotel of the trip was in Dillon/Silverthorne. Very nice view from the window. We heard the weather report for the next day: 10" of snow predicted. Time to head west again.
 There are some amazing places just off of Interstate 70 to pull off the road and hike / scramble for some scenic views. We took advantage and just scratched the surface of Arapaho National Forest and White River National Forest.

 Hanging Lake near Glenwood Springs.

Colorado River

East Elk Creek. Our camping spot post hike was at the Elk Creek Campground on the East Elk, a privately owned campground. It was a good one and we were lucky to find it. We liked the campground so much we stayed there again on trip back.

Next destination: Utah
Pictures of that amazing place will be in the next blog post.